Mariquita bore six (6)  children with Friar Lopez.  They were three girls and three boys.

Soledad, the eldest child, bore a striking resemblance to her father.  Her childhood years were spent happily playing with her friends in the “convento” of the Baliuag Church and in the huge Gonzalez house.  She grew up to be a beautiful lady and she married Mariano Gonzales, a wealthy but deeply religious man.  She had seven (7) children:  Adelaida, Carlos, Caridad, Ceferino, Milagros,  Leon and Jacinto.

Jose, the second child, inherited the strong character of his mother.  He knew who he was and he did not allow anyone to forget it.  His favorite pastime as a child was to ride a gallopping horse inside the “convento” to the great consternation of the servants.  In his adulthood, he was used to undermining the Spanish curate and the military authorities.  He was notorious for his fiery temperament.  He married Francisca Carrillo, the daughter of another Friar, Father Arreola, and had six (6) children by her.  They were Ana, Maria, Filiberto, Carmelita, Luis, and Jose.

Joaquin, the third child, was a quiet boy who loved to read, play with animals, and make unusual toys.  He went to Spain where he became a doctor.  Upon his return home, he became involved in the struggle for independence.  He became a member of the Malolos Congress.  He married Florencia Sioco, and they had ten children:  Fernando, Jesus, Emilio, Augusto, Octavio, Virgilio, Javier, Bienvenido, Joaquin, and Fausto.  He settled in Sulipan, Apalit, Pampanga.

Rita, the fourth child, married a Spaniard, Jose Llora, and they had two children:  Ramon and Araceli.  They went to live in Spain.

Carmen, the fifth child, also bore a strong resemblance to her father.  She remained single.

Francisco, the sixth child, was a gregarious and playful little boy.  In his adolescence, like all boys, he became very fond of girls.  He married Maria Lloret, the daughter of a ship captain, when she was just 14 years old.  They had seven (7) children:  Ricardo, Paula, Estela, Sara, Cesar, Rafael, and Francisco.

Source:  This came from the earlier version of  the Family Tree Book  contributed by Renan Prado, Lita Estrada, Lilia Gonzalez, Tina Lesaca, Nena Franco.