Josef Sioco

Josef  Sioco was originally from Bocaue, Bulacan.   His first wife was a lady surnamed “Carlos”. They had a daughter, Maria de la Paz Sioco y Carlos (+1897).  Maria married Joaquin Arnedo Cruz y Tanjutco (+1897).  (These + signs signify years when they died.)

Josef remarried. His second wife was Matea Rodriguez y Tuasan (+191_).  Matea was the second daughter of Olegario Rodriguez (+1874) by his first wife Escolastica Tuason (+1850).

Josef and Matea had three daughters:  Francisca (born before 1858), Sabina (1858-1950) and Florencia (1860-1925). Francisca died young.  Sabina married her Rodriguez first cousin Manuel Escaler y Rodriguez, of Balanga, Bataan.  Florencia married Dr. Joaquin Gonzalez of Baliwag, Bulacan.

After Josef Sioco’s death in 1864, Matea Rodriguez viuda de Sioco married Juan Arnedo Cruz y Tanjutco, the rich brother-in-law of her stepdaughter, Maria de la Paz Sioco de Arnedo.  Matea also outlived Juan.[1]

One of the characteristics of Josef Sioco was that he was a very good businessman.  He was able to accumulate a many pieces of landholdings all over Bulacan and Pampanga.  They called Josef, “Pepeng Daga”, which implied that he was like a rat, having small pockets of lands everywhere he went.

Some said that his lands reached  Tarlac, but there was no evidence of this from the Project of Partition[2] executed by the Gonzalez Brothers when Dr. Joaquin Gonzalez died.  The lands that could only have come from the inheritance of  Doña Florencia from her father Josef  Sioco , were in Magalang, Sulipan (Apalit), Capalangan (Apalit), Sucad (Apalit), San Vicente (Apalit),  Portrero (Bacolor), Cabalantian (Bacolor), Nabong (Calumpit), Tulauc  (San Simon) and  Sta. Monica ( San Simon).   If you map out these lands, you can see that it stretches from Apalit to Bacolor to Magalang.

The list looks impressive at first glance, but when Augusto, the most successful brother, tried to distribute the lands to his siblings after the death of their father Dr. Joaquin Gonzalez, he had difficulty raising the total value that each child would get to P4,000. From the Project of Partition, Augusto reached the “Fifth Revision”, and each child could only get P3,175 each. Eventually, he was able to distribute P4,000 each.

Later, these lands were  augmented by  direct purchases of lands or marriage to an heiress by the Brothers.

When Doña Florencia died in November 6, 1925 in Apalit, Pampanga, a subsequent Project of Partition was undertaken and finalized in 1927.  Unfortunately, this  author only has the Supplementary of the Partition, not the Main document. There was no mention of lands other than the Baliwag and San Simon lands, the Baliwag lands having come from Dr. Joaquin’s inheritance from Mariquita Gonzalez.

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