1 The Friar’s name was Joaquin Gonzalez Fausto Lopez Joseph Sioco
2 The Friar came from Valladolid, Spain Barcelona, Spain Andalucia, Spain
3 The Friar fell in love with this lass in Baliwag. Her name was Maria Amparo Maria Rosita Florencia
4 Mariquita was characterized as very fragile and submissive a woman who had a mind of her own was a homebody and loved cooking
5 Mariquita’ came from a family of farmers politicians horse breeders
6 They had how many children one six ten
7 This child of the Friar and Mariquita went to Apalit Brother Andrew Gene Gonzalez Joaquin Gonzalez
8 Joaquin became the President of the Philippines a well-known cook a delegate to the Constitutional Convention
9 Joaquin, the son of Mariquita,  was a a medical doctor a lawyer a  priest
10 Joaquin went to Apalit because Apalit had those fluvial parades the Malolos Convention he fell in love with a girl from Apalit
and he liked to swim was in Apalit
11  Dr. Joaquin’s wife was named Marina Escaler Rosario Arnedo Florencia Sioco
12 Florencia’s father  Josef Sioco was called “Pepeng Daga” because he lived like a rat in a small hovel he accumulated properties all over like a rat he liked to eat rats as a delicacy
13 Florencia and Dr. Joaquin had how many children seven six ten
14 They lived in Sulipan, Apalit Calumpit, Bulacan Baliwag, Bulacan
15 The favorite food of the ten Gonzalez children was chicken McDo potato chips Baliwag lechon manok
16 Dr. Joaquin died of cancer syphilis appendicitis
17 He did not want anyone to operate on him because it was in the terminal stage he didn’t think his colleagues would do a good job he wanted to die
18 Their eldest child, Fernando wanted to be a movie star a poet a farmer
19 This is what Fernando DID NOT do collect coins and stamps  look at the stars with his telescope marry a society girl
20 Fernando finally became a a doctor driver of a “Marcelo Diaz” truck lawyer
21 Fernando lived in many posts as a “Docor Provincial” but
retired in the hometown of his wife. This was Mactan, Cebu San Luis, Pampanga Bacolor, Pampanga